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Third Trimester

Alhamdulilah, I’m heading into the home stretch with this pregnancy! As each day progresses, I think about how to balance our life that feels so scattered, and how to meet the needs of everyone in our family. In shaa Allah … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: Masjid Edition!

If you’re on Facebook, I’m sure you see all the Jummah Mubarak posts each Friday and the reminders to read surah al-Kauf. Alhamdulilah, Jummah is a minor Eid for Muslims… each week! Many moms suspend going to Jummah during their … Continue reading

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Homeschool Converts

Okay, I’ll admit it… I get extremely excited when someone says they want to start homeschooling. I’m not sure why it kindles such emotions; maybe it has to do with the fact that another person is joining us in the … Continue reading

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I Have an Addiction

Hello, my name is Shannen, and I have an addiction. The addiction I have is mainly seen in mothers, and in higher rates of stay at home moms. I don’t know of any cure or treatment, so our only hope … Continue reading

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