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Being Organized – The Home Binder

A common question homeschooling families get is how to stay organized. I did mention some systems to stay organized in a previous post, but I thought I’d share my own home binder. In sha Allah it helps give ideas for … Continue reading

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Kids Helping Kids – Yay or Nay?

The issue of older siblings helping with younger siblings appears (to me at least) to be a pretty polarized issue. Should the older kids step in when mom needs a break or can’t seem to whip out her third arm? … Continue reading

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Basic Learning Concepts – Fun Play!

I may have a boat load of kids, just so I can keep doing preschool activities! Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready has time and time again proven to be such a valuable resource in bringing education to simple tasks. … Continue reading

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Standardized Testing and Toddlers

Quiet, uninterrupted time + toddler = <does not compute> In our state, standardized testing is required even though you are not required to turn in the scores. There are a number of options for completing this from finding a location … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: Mall Edition!

Okay, I’m assuming here that you live near a mall with some cool attractions. We live quite close to the Mall of America, so I may be a little spoiled with the indoor amusement park, under water aquarium, and Lego … Continue reading

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Is TV a Valuable Teaching Tool?

TV and Movies are one of the most effective babysitters in modern history. Need to get dinner made? Pop in a movie. Can’t seem to get all the laundry folded with a toddler under foot? Turn on a TV show. … Continue reading

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Toddler Preschool in Progress

As I’ve mentioned, in the past few weeks I’ve been trying to make a conscience effort to have Little Miss more involved in activities during the day. She was asking to watch a “foofie” (movie) I swear every hour! We … Continue reading

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5 Toddler Tasks for Everyday Learning

I have two nagging feelings that get to me every day. I know I’m not alone. I’m not doing enough academically to get Little Miss ready for reading, counting, and all that fun stuff. I shouldn’t be sitting a two … Continue reading

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Toddlers and Preschool

I’ve been feeling guilty lately… the mom guilt we are all so familiar with. Am I doing enough? Mainly I’ve been thinking about Little Miss and whether she is being enriched enough, or if I’m just pacifying her to keep … Continue reading

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