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Being Organized – The Home Binder

A common question homeschooling families get is how to stay organized. I did mention some systems to stay organized in a previous post, but I thought I’d share my own home binder. In sha Allah it helps give ideas for … Continue reading

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Starting My First BOB Books

This last week has been a breath of fresh air! Of course we enjoyed the extra days off Hubby had over the holiday weekend, and our Muslim homeschool group seems to have found a new home. InshaAllah we can stay … Continue reading

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Little Miss’s Adventures: Whooping Cough and Preschool Planning Printable

The last week and a half has been quite a ride! Our family rarely ever gets sick, and both Little Miss and I were feeling under the weather, but she stayed sick for a full 9 days! An old friend … Continue reading

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Getting and Staying Organized (?)

Something I hear often from hesitant homeschooling moms is, “I’m too disorganized.” Oh, if only you saw inside each of our homes! Most of us are not proud of our current organization of our homes either, but we all know … Continue reading

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