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Qur’an Memorization Through Puberty

We’ve already talked about how to get through puberty alive in the past, but memorizing Qur’an with a girl in puberty presents slightly different challenges given she will have her period from time to time. Since she shouldn’t be handling … Continue reading

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Is Religion a Side Dish?

If you had all your priorities on a plate, where would religion be? Not where you want it to be, but where does it actually fit? For many, it is a side dish at best… maybe a dessert, or even … Continue reading

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Being Muslim Through the Holidays

If you’re not Christian, do you take time off for the winter holiday season? I feel like all my homeschooling resources for free printables and Kindle books are all put on hold for me until after the Christmas season is … Continue reading

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Get Ready for College in 6th Grade!

Am I a crazy nazi homeschooling mom? Mm, I don’t think so, but I suppose I haven’t been judged by a jury of my peers at this point. What I’m talking about is using college level tests as early as … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Support

We are at the last in this round of the Intro to Homeschooling series. I’d love to hear what others think is useful in this category! At this point we have covered: Why you would want to homeschool Methods of … Continue reading

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