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UPDATE FEED – Hijab, Travelling, and Lessons for a Teen

If you are reading this, you are connecting to the older website. Please join us at http://www.middlewaymom.com and update your feeds.  Let me first put this out there: I wear hijab (the traditional Muslim headscarf plus loose, modest clothing) and I believe … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: World Hijab Day Edition!

February 1st is World Hijab Day, and I want to encourage everyone to participate, especially any non-Muslims! What is World Hijab Day? Simply, it is one day for women who do not typically wear hijab (the traditional Muslim headscarf) to … Continue reading

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Composting: What About When…

The biggest set back with people composting is the fear that it’ll turn gross. Yes, there’s the possibility it can get gross, but if you have a decent mix (roughly 3 browns to 1 greens… see last week’s post for … Continue reading

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Being Organized – The Home Binder

A common question homeschooling families get is how to stay organized. I did mention some systems to stay organized in a previous post, but I thought I’d share my own home binder. In sha Allah it helps give ideas for … Continue reading

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Third Trimester

Alhamdulilah, I’m heading into the home stretch with this pregnancy! As each day progresses, I think about how to balance our life that feels so scattered, and how to meet the needs of everyone in our family. In shaa Allah … Continue reading

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Kids Helping Kids – Yay or Nay?

The issue of older siblings helping with younger siblings appears (to me at least) to be a pretty polarized issue. Should the older kids step in when mom needs a break or can’t seem to whip out her third arm? … Continue reading

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Balance: A New Year’s Focus

What do we have in common? Most people do not have the same family situation as us with such a large split in ages between two kids. I think one thing many moms struggle with is balance. How do we … Continue reading

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Routines are the Best

Call me crazy, but I’m a bit glad the holiday season in the US is finally over. Even though we don’t really celebrate the holidays, there are extra days off for Hubby, days off for our homeschool co-op, stores are … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: Mall Edition!

Okay, I’m assuming here that you live near a mall with some cool attractions. We live quite close to the Mall of America, so I may be a little spoiled with the indoor amusement park, under water aquarium, and Lego … Continue reading

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Is TV a Valuable Teaching Tool?

TV and Movies are one of the most effective babysitters in modern history. Need to get dinner made? Pop in a movie. Can’t seem to get all the laundry folded with a toddler under foot? Turn on a TV show. … Continue reading

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