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Third Trimester

Alhamdulilah, I’m heading into the home stretch with this pregnancy! As each day progresses, I think about how to balance our life that feels so scattered, and how to meet the needs of everyone in our family. In shaa Allah … Continue reading

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52 Weeks to an Organized Home

When I saw this project posted on The Well Trained Mind forums, I was signed up in five minutes flat. I remember my mom always saying that everything has to have a home, and she has one of the best … Continue reading

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Routines are the Best

Call me crazy, but I’m a bit glad the holiday season in the US is finally over. Even though we don’t really celebrate the holidays, there are extra days off for Hubby, days off for our homeschool co-op, stores are … Continue reading

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Composting Basics: 3 Reasons to Start a Compost

So, it’s the new year and many people make lofty goals including weight loss, being more patient, and living a greener life. While winter is not the time most people think of to get started on their compost, I think … Continue reading

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Is TV a Valuable Teaching Tool?

TV and Movies are one of the most effective babysitters in modern history. Need to get dinner made? Pop in a movie. Can’t seem to get all the laundry folded with a toddler under foot? Turn on a TV show. … Continue reading

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How We Came to Islam

Many people wonder how both my husband and I came to Islam. Were we married and we came to Islam together? Did I “convert him” or vice versa? Well, since I had a major case of mom brain yesterday and … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: Cooking Edition!

Who doesn’t like food? We all need to eat, and we are really doing a disservice to our kids to not teach them how to feed themselves. Let’s face it, most of our kids will live alone, or be roommates … Continue reading

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Being Muslim Through the Holidays

If you’re not Christian, do you take time off for the winter holiday season? I feel like all my homeschooling resources for free printables and Kindle books are all put on hold for me until after the Christmas season is … Continue reading

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Big Home or Green Home?

Do you have to live in a tiny house to live an eco friendly lifestyle? I suppose not, but it obviously helps a bit! One of my favorite blogs about living green is The Zero Waste Home. This family moved … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: Family Edition!

Many of us are taking part in the Thanksgiving weekend, whether that is visiting family out of town, shopping the Black Friday deals, or relaxing at home with our immediate family. Alhamdulilah, we went to visit my mom and had … Continue reading

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