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What Can Be Composted?

So now that we know that we want to compost, and we know what type of compost bin we will use… what do we fill it up with? The general rule of thumb is, if it rots, you can put … Continue reading

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Compost Bins – What Works for You?

I was going to make a post today about different types of compost bins, but hey, other people have done that already. What I can offer you is why you may choose one over the other! First, let’s start with … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: Winter Nature Preserve Edition!

Wow, it’s Friday already!! We are heading into the depth of winter, but we have had surprisingly warm days still. It is during these unusually warm (think, highs in the 40’s and 50’s occasionally) that I find myself thinking of … Continue reading

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Big Home or Green Home?

Do you have to live in a tiny house to live an eco friendly lifestyle? I suppose not, but it obviously helps a bit! One of my favorite blogs about living green is The Zero Waste Home. This family moved … Continue reading

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Green Household Cleaners

Have you tried an eco-friendly household cleaner and been disappointed? I know I have. So many people have just taken a few steps over at the local supermarket and bought a “green” cleaning agent only to be disappointed when it … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: Apple Orchard Edition!

In the midwest, it is pretty much a tradition in the autumn to go to an apple orchard, pick your own apples, and pay¬†extravagant¬†prices on things like jams, honey butter, and apple salsa. Many places have hay rides around the … Continue reading

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Cloth Diapers Rock: Which Ones to Use?

What do you think of when I tell you we use cloth diapers? Big pins with plastic covers? Smelly soaking buckets in the bathroom? If you haven’t experienced cloth diapers in the last decade, you may be missing out on … Continue reading

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Beyond the Simple Steps…

So we covered some very basic things almost anyone can do to have a smaller eco-footprint. Now, what about those crunchy folks that want to up their cool factor in the hippy circles?.. or just have a happy feeling when … Continue reading

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