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Bridging the (Age) Gap

With blended families, it isn’t all that uncommon for there to be a large age gap. My sister and I are nine years apart, and Little Miss and Care Bear are almost eleven years apart. In a homeschool, it can … Continue reading

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Third Trimester

Alhamdulilah, I’m heading into the home stretch with this pregnancy! As each day progresses, I think about how to balance our life that feels so scattered, and how to meet the needs of everyone in our family. In shaa Allah … Continue reading

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Kids Helping Kids – Yay or Nay?

The issue of older siblings helping with younger siblings appears (to me at least) to be a pretty polarized issue. Should the older kids step in when mom needs a break or can’t seem to whip out her third arm? … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: Factory Tour Edition!

Ever wonder how things are made, or wish your kids wondered more about how things magically got to your home? Sometimes it seems the comforts of modern life stifle our kids’ curiosity on how things work, or we start taking … Continue reading

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Is TV a Valuable Teaching Tool?

TV and Movies are one of the most effective babysitters in modern history. Need to get dinner made? Pop in a movie. Can’t seem to get all the laundry folded with a toddler under foot? Turn on a TV show. … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Get Through Puberty and Homeschooling Alive

Everyone talks about the Terrible Twos and we always hear warnings of the teenage years, but it seems everyone has forgotten to warn new parents of the puberty years. The emotional rollar coaster can start around nine, or even younger! … Continue reading

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Taking Days Off for Rest and Reflection

How often do you plan days off? Admittedly, I don’t plan days many days off but rather we choose days off as fun days and opportunities come up. Today is a day off for Care Bear, but for me? I’m … Continue reading

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How We Came to Islam

Many people wonder how both my husband and I came to Islam. Were we married and we came to Islam together? Did I “convert him” or vice versa? Well, since I had a major case of mom brain yesterday and … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: Winter Nature Preserve Edition!

Wow, it’s Friday already!! We are heading into the depth of winter, but we have had surprisingly warm days still. It is during these unusually warm (think, highs in the 40’s and 50’s occasionally) that I find myself thinking of … Continue reading

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Field Trip Friday: Cooking Edition!

Who doesn’t like food? We all need to eat, and we are really doing a disservice to our kids to not teach them how to feed themselves. Let’s face it, most of our kids will live alone, or be roommates … Continue reading

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