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Field Trip Friday: Winter Nature Preserve Edition!

Wow, it’s Friday already!! We are heading into the depth of winter, but we have had surprisingly warm days still. It is during these unusually warm (think, highs in the 40’s and 50’s occasionally) that I find myself thinking of … Continue reading

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Green Household Cleaners

Have you tried an eco-friendly household cleaner and been disappointed? I know I have. So many people have just taken a few steps over at the local supermarket and bought a “green” cleaning agent only to be disappointed when it … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Your Cloth Diapers

Your bundle of joy (or too cute toddler) is absolutely adorable in their cloth diapers, but how do you keep those cloth diapers cute? A very wise thing I read once on Diaper Swappers was something along the lines of, … Continue reading

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Simple Starter Steps to a Smaller Footprint

In our family, we try to be mindful of how much garbage we create. We are not even close to zero impact, but at around one garbage bag a week for a family of 4, we are doing okay so … Continue reading

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