Assalam alaykum (peace be upon you)! I’m Shannen: a convert to Islam, wife to my dreamy husband (also a convert) and mama to two beautiful girls, Care Bear (13), Little Miss (2), and one mystery gender baby on the way! How did my husband and I both come to Islam? Read about that here!

With a teenager and a toddler in the house, the days can be quite fun, exciting… and hormonal. We spend our days homeschooling, running and playing, forcing ourselves to get dressed at some point and venture out into the world. We love nature, but just need the motivation to get dressed, brush our teeth and get out.

Carebear loves fencing, anything Chinese, and movies. Little Miss is our dare devil, always finding ways to climb on things she shouldn’t, hang from things that shouldn’t hold her weight, and generally find the most dangerous way to do just about anything. They love each other tons, and play together so well, as if their huge age gap meant nothing.

So while I procrastinate the things I should be doing, I like to share our adventures in mostly-Classical Islamic homeschooling! We are both getting ready for college, and starting preschool at home… a lot to fit into this newbie homeschooling mom brain! I’m passionate about green living, Islam, and mama getting time of her own also. All of that is wrapped up in this humble blog… I hope that proves interesting. 🙂

Want to contact me? I can be reached at middlewaymom at gmail dot com.

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