Field Trip Friday: Aquarium Edition!

We are all starting to feel a bit locked in our home around here lately! While we can’t enjoy the great outdoors lately (umm… -5F high predicted on Monday!), it’s pretty awesome to feel like you’re somewhere tropical for an hour or two!

Field Trip Friday: Aquarium Edition!Enter, the underwater aquarium! This seemed like such a new concept just 15 years ago and now it seems that most major cities have one. You can easily stroll through the walkway with the aquarium above you and on either side. Last time we brought Little Miss to the underwater aquarium, she didn’t have a level of awe I was hoping for, but I’m anticipating the next time we make the trip, she will be full of excited gasps.

For Care Bear, I just ask that she read some of the signs and tell me what she thought was the coolest thing at the aquarium. In any field trip, I want them to take in the learning opportunities, but not make it an assignment either. Still, it’s good to focus on what happens when we throw things in the water, or when we farm fish in small spaces. Just asking questions like, “What do you think it would be like if there were twice as many of that one fish in this tank?” I hope we are striking some kind of balance. We don’t make it to the underwater aquarium more than once a year because of the decently high price, but I suppose that keeps it fresh for the kids!

Do you have an aquarium nearby? If so, do your kids enjoy it and how often do you get to visit?


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