Field Trip Friday: Factory Tour Edition!

Ever wonder how things are made, or wish your kids wondered more about how things magically got to your home? Sometimes it seems the comforts of modern life stifle our kids’ curiosity on how things work, or we start taking things for granted. I was so excited when I came across this website… I can’t wait to take one of the tours!

Field Trip Friday: Factory Tour Edition!Factory Tours USA is a directory of tours available around the country. Just in our state alone, we have eight options around the state. Of course some of these are farther away from home than others, but it makes for a fun day trip or something to do over a camping weekend!

I wish we had this website when we took a road trip across the country for a fencing competition! We were going to tour a motorcycle factory, but they wouldn’t allow little kids with, and I didn’t really want to wait with Little Miss in their lounge for an hour and a half. We ended up going to a chocolate factory only to find out they don’t do tours – bummer! We ended up just buying a ton of their chocolate on clearance and had a major sugar rush for the next hour, so at least there’s that!

Have you been on any factory tours? What are you favorites?

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