Field Trip Friday: Masjid Edition!

If you’re on Facebook, I’m sure you see all the Jummah Mubarak posts each Friday and the reminders to read surah al-Kauf. Alhamdulilah, Jummah is a minor Eid for Muslims… each week! Many moms suspend going to Jummah during their children’s younger years because of nap time (that’s us!), how hard it is to keep them quiet and respectful, and just the logistics of it all. Alhadulilah, we aren’t required to go, but sometimes it would be nice to join in the community during this minor Eid.

I’m assuming most of us (of the Muslims reading now) are at the masjid on a regular basis, but how much do we know of the inner workings and what are we doing to help? Help make your masjid feel like home by:

  • Field Trip Friday: Masjid Edition!Bring the kids to help clean before Jummah! As we know, “Cleanliness is half of faith”, and also, the Blessed Prophet(SAW) said, “Whosoever removes adhaa (anything repulsive or harmful) from the masjid, Allah will make a house for him in Jannah.” (ibn majah)
  • Learn about the process for a Janaza (funeral) prayer. Depending on the comfort level, the kids can learn how to wash the deceased. Our local masjid has a dummy they use to teach people how to wash the deceased.
  • Is there a weekend school? If you don’t attend, ask if your kids can sit in one day. What are their thoughts on the more formal school style? Maybe your kids are old enough to be a helper in a younger class!
  • Offer to help with charitable events such as a food shelf, fundraising garage sale, zakat distribution, etc. Remember, “By no means shall you attain righteousness, unless you give of that which you love.”(Qur’an 3:92)

There are a number of possibilities – remember in order for our kids to continue going to the masjid when they grow up, it needs to be a place that they know and love. The masjid isn’t just for dads and older citizens… or if it is currently that way, how can you help bring the kids there with programs that attract them? If you’re already meeting with some sisters to work on projects together, can you meet at the masjid to work on them?

It takes extra effort to bring kids to the masjid when they are small, but let’s not let this be a catalyst to abandoning the masjid for years to come, insha’Allah.

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2 Responses to Field Trip Friday: Masjid Edition!

  1. Salihah says:

    Love this post; great ideas. I did a burial class and it made a big impact on me. Thanks for these new ideas and needed reminders!

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