Homeschool Converts

Okay, I’ll admit it… I get extremely excited when someone says they want to start homeschooling. I’m not sure why it kindles such emotions; maybe it has to do with the fact that another person is joining us in the ranks of a different path than the norm. Similarly, when someone joins us in our faith, we feel an outpouring of support towards them, and delight as they take each new step.

Our Muslim homeschool group is putting together a Homeschooling 101 session this Saturday, and I can feel the energy from everyone involved! We all look forward to telling people about this growing trend toward taking control of your child’s education. I think part of it is also that we look forward to our local community knowing more about our choice and being a little less weird in their eyes, though this is definitely a much smaller motivation.

Homeschool ConvertsWhat is it about bringing people to our way of life, whether that is homeschooling, Islam, buying investment an investment property, or whatever it is, so invigorating? I’ve been feeling drained of energy to complete every day tasks, but when this type of opportunity arises, I pull up my britches (under my abaya, hehe) and get to work! Alhamdulilah, the stores of energy we all posses are beyond our understanding.

Maybe we just want more people to be like us. Heck, most of us like having friends! Some would say it is just the feeling of achievement that we “converted” someone to our line of thinking. That could be true for some, but I don’t feel that energy with this group of wonderful mothers and sisters in Islam. Truly, I feel blessed to be involved with such a group of dedicated sisters, and maybe that’s where the excitement lies. Maybe we all just like working together on a common cause, whether it is feeding the poor, making a quilt for a sick friend, or helping people understand the strange case that is homeschooling. Each of these are group projects where we come together. Our differences do not matter, but instead our shared goals and hopes. Yes. That’s it. And if it isn’t… don’t tell me different. (smile)

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