Toddler Preschool in Progress

As I’ve mentioned, in the past few weeks I’ve been trying to make a conscience effort to have Little Miss more involved in activities during the day. She was asking to watch a “foofie” (movie) I swear every hour! We aim for limited TV time at home (trying to always keep it under 2 hours, ideally trying to keep it down to 2 – 30 minute educational shows), so this was not working. She doesn’t have anyone at her level to play with every day, so I think it really came down to she was getting bored.

Enter paint, dried beans, and empty sour cream containers! Here’s what has been keeping us busy lately:

  • Threading a shoe lace through an old spice bottle cap

    Little Miss carefully getting some dried beans so she can place them in the small cut out opening in the sour cream container.

  • Put dried beans in an old spice bottle and cut a hole in the top of an empty sour cream container. Little Miss then has to find a way to empty the spice container (her hand won’t fit inside) to get the beans and fit them into the hole on the sour cream container. This is one of her favorite activities!
  • Get a funnel and empty the dried bean from one container to another using the funnel as a guide into the receiving container
  • Paint with Q-tips and cotton balls
  • Take out all your plastic storage containers and match the lids to the containers
  • In a tall, narrow shortbread cookie tin, fill it up with various toys. Not all of them will fit in the opening!
  • Read, read read! We are reading between 40-60 minutes a day in total. Of course this comes in short bursts throughout the day. We’ve started analyzing the books with the help of Before Five in a Row, too!
  • Since we’ve had some snow, Hubby took Little Miss out to explore in the snow. I’m lacking much snow gear that will fit me at 23 weeks pregnant, but I should figure out something because outside time is great for kids!

What do you do to keep your toddler entertained without much TV?

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4 Responses to Toddler Preschool in Progress

  1. Those are good ideas! And she is adorable 🙂

  2. rena says:

    both kids so great may Allah protect them and the next! mabrok! may Allah make it ease… i wish i could have help home shooling … i feel i spend all day trying to find stuff and not enough implantation.. but inshAllah it will come together..

    what do i do with out tv.. i havent had it so long that its like 2nd nature now.. Read Quran, Islamic books, hadiths ex Yes even at this age.. what ever i would do. they do. If i cook they are right there with their butter knifes (3 and 2 year old) if iam studying they are there .. or sleeping .. or running around (smile) .. Yasmine is always there to help and she is a huge help mashAllah

    jazakAllahu khyrn your post are great

    • middlewaymom says:

      MashaAllah, sounds like such a warm home for learning and experiencing new things! Homeschooling gets easier as you find ways to fit it into your every day life, and your little ones still have so much time to just learn from you and your every day activities. 🙂

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