Taking Days Off for Rest and Reflection

How often do you plan days off? Admittedly, I don’t plan days many days off but rather we choose days off as fun days and opportunities come up. Today is a day off for Care Bear, but for me? I’m taking this time to look over her previous work to see what needs attention, and what is going well.

Days Off to Relax and ReflectionI looked through a bit of her work last Thursday and was not completely surprised to see her least favorite subject needed some improvement. We are still learning how much supervision Care Bear needs, and how much I should be involved in each subject. We are in our 4th year of homeschooling, but only our second year of traditional homeschooling since we used a virtual school for the first two years. Given we are still pretty new in traditional homeschooling, we are still in the learning curve I think.

Days off are important, as we all know. I like to make sure our days off are not times of completely doing nothing, but we treat them with a purpose. Yes, we have time to relax, but I make sure to use the time to think about whether we are doing the right things. That means looking forward also. Is my plan for Care Bear’s 9th grade year the best plan? Insha’Allah I plan on making some phone calls today to make sure her college prep plan is actually in line with what the college will accept. If not, then I still have a few months to adjust our plan.

A peek into our back yard, looking towards our neighbors', this morning.

A peek into our back yard, looking towards our neighbors’, this morning.

Days off are great to get some things done around the house also. Sometimes we have to take a day off if we have something big going on like a carpet install. This is part of the beauty of homeschooling!.. The flexibility we have with how we use our days! Another reason to take off a day? Snow day! Nope, we don’t have to worry about the safety of a bus coming to pick anyone up to go to school, but the piles of snow that are outside are just calling out to us! Who wouldn’t want to make a snowman before it melts away? When I was a kid, we had a full winter of piles of snow, but now you can’t count on the snow to stick around. So yes, homeschoolers get snow days, too!

How do you use your days off? Do you plan most of them in advance or do you leave some open to use at your whim?

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