How We Came to Islam

Many people wonder how both my husband and I came to Islam. Were we married and we came to Islam together? Did I “convert him” or vice versa? Well, since I had a major case of mom brain yesterday and posted Field Trip Friday on Thursday, I’ll give you peek into our lives a little more. (smile)

For myself: I grew up Lutheran, went to Sunday school each week and we went to church service every other week as a compromise since my dad didn’t like going. I was confirmed in the Lutheran church at age 14, and really became disillusioned with the teachings. I don’t remember thinking about it for long nights, but it was the general attitude that you learn what they have to say, and questions did not feel welcome that made me less than enthusiastic to continue down that path. I spent the next 10 years wandering in the New Age realm of thinking, studying anything from Paganism to Buddhism to the Kabbalah. I really enjoyed learning about various religions and I was of the thinking that there was no way to know if there was a one and only truth, so therefore each path could take you to our Creator, whoever that was.

Care Bear and I our second Eid - 2008

Care Bear and I our second Eid – 2008

In post 9/11, there’s no way to escape all the questions the media and people were raising about Islam. I knew all the stereotypes, but didn’t give them a lot of weight because they always struck me as wide sweeping statements. I got to know some Muslims through my workplaces, learning tiny bits and pieces from each one. At my most recent workplace, I got to know one Muslim a bit better where I felt comfortable asking various questions, usually about daily life (what can you eat/not eat, why do you do XYZ, etc.). I was curious why someone who didn’t seem religious in the slightest, he was still so committed to his religion. Long story short, I decided to read the Qur’an for myself. I knew that if the source book was available, it didn’t make sense to read someone’s thoughts on the Qur’an as that’s a secondary resource (I wish more people would do this!).

By the time I finished the Qur’an, I was convinced it could not have been written by a human being. I was thankful I had some commentary to point out verses that had scientific significance because that was a big factor in seeing the divine nature of the Qur’an for me. Within months after finishing the Qur’an, in February 2007, I said my shahadah (declaration of faith) and started down my journey as a Muslim.

I started wearing hijab (the scarf covering a woman’s hair) on December 31st, 2007… it was a Monday, and it while it was a decision I came to over the weekend, it made sense to do it then so I could just say it was a New Year’s resolution to everyone at work. It was really tough, but each day got easier. The quiet, Evangelical Christian guy in my department asked me why I had started covering, like many others, but he was more interested in the religious reasons than the cultural ones.

Him and I started talking more on the subject, and exchanging information. Within this time, he was promoted to be my peer as a supervisor instead of a team lead. His promotion meant that we needed to work more closely on things like employee reviews, team schedules and plans, etc. Each step brought this long term stranger to a more familiar place in my world.

Our family 2010. I'm 8 months pregnant with Little Miss here.

Our family 2010. I’m 8 months pregnant with Little Miss here.

As he asked more questions about the hijab, and all the stereotypes about Islam that he largely believed, he started noticing the similarities in his own belief and Islam more and more. After months of our discussions, he bought the Qur’an for himself to read. Through reading the Qur’an, he found the same basic message that was taught in the Bible, and he knew Islam was the religion God wanted for mankind. It was not an easy transition for him with his large network of Evangelical family and friends. There was intense pressure all around to change his mind, but the evidence of the matter stood for itself.

Through our conversations and working together, we decided we wanted to be married, and we were married in February of 2009. The journey since has not be easy with the pressures from all around to leave this “foreign” and “false” religion, but we have stuck through it.  At the end of the day, we rest assured in the belief that we have found the religion Allah wants us, and mankind, to follow.

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11 Responses to How We Came to Islam

  1. Zahra says:

    Masha’allah lovely reversion!

  2. Noni says:

    It is beautiful to find such faith in adult life after wandering so long in the wilderness. For my husband and I it was finding God in the Catholic faith after discovering it for ourselves rather than listening to the many stereotypes out there. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing

  3. Salihah says:

    Mashaallah may Allah bless and reward you all greatly here and eternally. I’m touched by your story, and we share some similarities. Reading this reminds me how seemingly every day moments can be such significant moments of dawah, seed planting, and change.

    I just found your blog! And just put together that the lady with the interesting homeschool twitter posts is you, and that I know you in person LOL I’m sooo slow!!

  4. Masha Allah the most beautiful convert story I have heard and you have a lovely family…may Allah guide your and your kids always on the right path…love your blog Masha Allah nice work

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