Field Trip Friday: Cooking Edition!

Who doesn’t like food? We all need to eat, and we are really doing a disservice to our kids to not teach them how to feed themselves. Let’s face it, most of our kids will live alone, or be roommates without a spouse or parents to care for them. Plus, it gets you extra spouse points if you can cook!

Making our own gluten free pizza crust is super yummy! I’m so glad I learned how to do it!

I like to cook, and most days I’m pretty good at it. I try a lot of new recipes, so there is a large margin for error since I’m always doing something different. Often I wish I knew the WHY to cooking instead of just HOW. Enter, cooking school!

Many community education programs have classes in cooking, and we have a local cooking school aimed towards school age kids. You can always check out your local culinary school to see what they have open to the public also.

Do you have to eat a special diet? There are many classes available to help you understand what you can and can’t eat, plus great substitutes! Our local natural food store has gluten free cooking classes almost every month! What a weight off your shoulders if you’re just starting down that path! We have to eat gluten, dairy, nut, and banana free most nights (the allergies are spread out between three people). Substitutes are my best friend in order to keep up with the new recipes I want to try. I’ve learned that substituting coconut milk for cow’s milk is not as invisible as I would hope, though it turned out very nice when making truffles!

We should do our kids a favor and teach them basic life skills early on so they are comfortable caring for themselves when the time comes. Cooking is important, but so are many other things. What else have you focused on to teach your kids basic skills? Have you taken a cooking class with them for your homeschool?

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