Starting My First BOB Books

This last week has been a breath of fresh air! Of course we enjoyed the extra days off Hubby had over the holiday weekend, and our Muslim homeschool group seems to have found a new home. InshaAllah we can stay at this location for quite some time and build some stability again with our group!

I’ve been pretty excited for the My First BOB Books to arrive, and to start using them. My plan was to do some activities with other toddler/preschool age kids at the homeschool group surrounding these books, and even made a printable for the AB Book I’d like to share!

Click here for the pdf download!

Cut out each of the letters and pictures, then glue/tape the large “Aa” on one paper bag or box, and the “Bb” on another. Next you will shuffle the letters and pictures and ask your child to put each in the right box/bag! Little Miss just liked shoving things in the paper bags, but I could see the wheels spinning in that little head of hers. InshaAllah the concept of matching will come as she gets older. Since she just turned two this month, I think she’s doing pretty good, alhamdulilah.

This week I plan on using My First Steps to Reading, My A Book and working with the kids using that, focusing on one letter instead of two. I love the concept of the books where the character has a sound box, and the character collects items that make their letter sound to put in their box. Cute!

What do you use, or have you used to help with letter recognition and reading?

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2 Responses to Starting My First BOB Books

  1. eclectichomeschooler says:

    My daughter loved the Bob books! We also drew letters in shaving cream and when she was stronger at recognition we drew the letters with our fingers on each other’s back and we had to guess what letter was drawn. She would have really enjoyed your paper bag activity!

    • middlewaymom says:

      Those are great ideas! I’m going to peruse Pintrest to find more ideas, too. The paper bag activity was a bit above her current level, so I’m trying to find things better suited for her.

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