Green Household Cleaners

Have you tried an eco-friendly household cleaner and been disappointed? I know I have. So many people have just taken a few steps over at the local supermarket and bought a “green” cleaning agent only to be disappointed when it doesn’t work even close to the kind they are used to.

It is hard to make positive eco changes when it seems you can’t achieve the same results as you’re used to. Who wants to have “clean” dishes with a white film over them? And who wants socks that are a pale shade of gray? Honestly, many of the green options that you find right next to the regular products are made by the same parent companies, and they don’t work very well.

The best place to find cleaners that actually work is online, or at a natural food store. Shaklee is one of my favorite green companies for both their vitamins and their household cleaners. They have a super concentrated liquid called Basic H2 that you dilute to make into your cleaners from your windows/glass, floors, toilet, surfaces, stovetop, etc. Truth be told, if you only clean when you can see the rust or mildew building up pretty heavily, it won’t take it off like CLR, but it can be done. Shaklee is purely an online business, so you can’t find their products in the store. You can find some great products at the natural food store though. As a clerk for their recommendations because sometimes it is still hit or miss, though you have a better chance at a hit than the supermarket.

Many people rave about homemade household cleaners and how well they work. With just a few simple ingredients, you can make laundry soap, dishwasher detergent, stuff to clean your shower, etc. I have yet to endeavor into this realm, but I’m excited to try. You can make a large batch at one time, and it’s easier than going to the store and buying it! Plus, it is pennies on the dollar in price comparison! Simply Google “homemade laundry detergent” or whatever you’re looking for, and you’ll find something simple with ingredients like pure soap, borax, and vinegar, for starters.

What green cleaners have you tried? Have you liked them?

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