Field Trip Friday: Children’s Theatre Edition!

Admittedly, we are not big theatre buffs, or artsy people in general. Still, I think it is a valuable thing for kids to experience sometimes, especially if they are studying poetry, Shakespeare, or just need help thinking outside of the box.

Hubby and I were talking about creativity in children and adults, and how it seems to dwindle as we get older. This got me thinking about Care Bear and how I keep having this nagging feeling we need to give her more opportunities to spark her creativity (though she does blossom in creativity when she plans slumber parties!). She really doesn’t understand theatre or poetry, so while she may never seek out these art forms, I can at least try to help her appreciate it.

Judge your own child and whether they would like a Disney themed performance, such as Disney on Ice or a play at your local children’s theatre, or something more mature but simple enough they won’t get lost in the analogies and similes. For Care Bear, I think she would appreciate a toddler performance where she feels like the big sister, helping Little Miss enjoy the experience. If we find something that fits into a topic or theme Care Bear already likes, we can jump on that, too. Care Bear would probably like something if it had to do with Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, Anne of Avonlea, or other favorite book characters.

I have my eye on two performances happening at two different theatres for after the first of the year. One is a toddler performance with puppets, and the other is for all ages and is a play from a bug’s perspective. It seems cute and probably a little educational for the little kids, too! It has been years since I’ve taken Care Bear to any live performance, so this is exciting to plan!

What performances are in your area? What types of shows does your family prefer?

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