Walking into Winter

The first little snow we got this morning!

I may be the only person that looks forward to winter. Winter feels so quiet and serene, with its short days, the snow the quiets the world, and the need to stay in and cuddle with loved ones to stay warm. Add in peppermint candy, a stew in the crockpot making an aroma in your home, and sale prices on just about everything for a holiday every 30-60 days, and you have bliss.

Of course, I can live without the extra chapstick and lotion needed, the bone chilling winds, and ice storms, but hey, you can’t have it all! Winter feels like a time where we can buckle down in our homeschool and get a good chunk of work done and we don’t feel guilty for being inside most days. When spring comes, hopefully we get enough done to feel justified in taking some days away just for fun.

The books we got to study for the DSST World Religions exam

Care Bear is actively working on her DSST Astronomy exam, and having fun learning all about the various planets along the way! She loved the Astronomy semester at her co-op science class, so this test seemed like the perfect fit for her first exam. We also got the books for her World Religions exam, which we’ll work on next! Now looking at the books we got to study for the World Religions exam, I wish I would have spent more time looking for resources (though I did spend hours before I decided on using the books DSST said they used to create their test). Free-clep-prep.com has some less college textbook feeling resources they suggest, though they do give these books as an option also.

This week I’m also planning to start some toddler/preschool activities with Little Miss. Now that we getting over being sick, having some activities doesn’t sound so daunting! InshaAllah we’ll have a blast and learn lots along the way… well, Little Miss at least. I’m pretty comfortable with my alphabet, numbers, and colors!

Do your plans for your family adjust during the winter?

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