Field Trip Friday: Sick at Home Edition!

Wow, just one person being sick in the house really takes everything off course! Little Miss has been battling a fever for a couple days, and just wants to cuddle all the time, which is not something I’m complaining about; though that doesn’t leave me with many hands to get anything done.

So, if we were planning a field trip today, we wouldn’t be able to go… and I’m sure we’re not the only one in this boat at some point! I was excited to bring together resources for virtual field trips… Care Bear enjoyed a few through her virtual school just a couple years ago. Now when I go through the links, almost everything is closed down… sad!

So, what to do, what to do? What adventure do I have just sitting at home, waiting to be discovered?? Then I got to thinking of all the National Geographic magazines we have! I bought them so Care Bear could cut out images and put them on her History timeline… but they sit downstairs collecting dust. So, let’s open them up and create our own field trip!

Turn one room into a safari, or arctic adventure! If you don’t have National Geographic type magazines, you could make a Hollywood runway, or downtown tour guide through this room. Let your child create it all, taping up pictures wherever they choose in the room you designate, then guide you through their creation! If you have a magazine with natural pictures, have them tell you about the geography and the animals that naturally live there. Get them thinking about how the two mix!

A movie day is another option, but you can have that any day. If your kids are feeling up to it, have them create an adventure in your home!

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