Time for Fun and Current Events

You know, I make some great plans, and it feels like the road is all paved in front of us for the upcoming year. One thing as a pretty new homeschooling mom I keep forgetting, is making time for exploring personal interests and current events.

Making time over the last week to study hajj, I told Care Bear we were “taking a break” from our regularly scheduled history lessons, and we’re continuing to do so in order to do a unit on Presidential elections. Why didn’t I think of these things before? It’s not like I didn’t know these things were coming up, buy why didn’t I prepare for them sooner? This is probably just a newbie mistake, and inshaAllah when Little Miss is going through her education at home, and our newest addition due in April, I will have learned many lessons already.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much flexibility I can have with Care Bear’s work to fully prepare her for AP classes in high school (next year!), and how much flexibility she can have in the high school years. I don’t want to be rigid and not allow for exploration, and not covering the here and now, but I also want us to meet the goals we have agreed upon. She is quite excited for getting college credit in high school, inshaAllah, and I’m quite excited for the cost savings! I’m looking at the first year of high school as a big learning curve for how much work the AP classes will be, and how much time that leaves us. If we are bogged down, we’ll have to reassess our goals. Ah, so much to think about!

How much time do you have for random exploration and keeping up with current events? I’m thinking through this whole post this must sound so silly to an unschooler, hehe.

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