Field Trip Friday: Hajj Edition!

Unfortunately, most of us are not able to join the pilgrims in hajj this year, so how can we take part in our own way? We came up with some ideas yesterday about how to involve hajj into our homeschool. Today, I’ll give some ideas for fun ways to get out of the house and learn about hajj!

  • Our local art museum has a section specific to Islam, and we can find various artifacts that can tell us about the lives of our Prophet (peace be upon him). Within this, we can imagine how hard traveling to hajj used to be! We have it quite easy today!
  • Visit your local history museum to dive further into how hard travel would have been in the past. Discuss why we gain such blessing for making this journey.
  • Many masajid have a role playing day at their weekend school for the kids to act out. If your kids are not involved in the weekend school, you can still ask if they can take part in this activity.
  • Is there a Bible museum or another place that will give some details to the life of prophet Ibrahim? If so, check it out! Learn about who built the Ka’ba!

What do you have in your area that would be fruitful for learning more about hajj?

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