Where to Spend Money to Catch Poop!

Now that you’re all excited about these ultra cute diapers we discussed last week, we have to know where to get them! If you forgot about how adorable cloth diapers are, here’s a reminder –

So where do we buy these gems, soon to be filled with the remains of your lovingly prepared meals? Let me count the ways:

  • Start local. You probably have a natural baby store somewhere in your area, so I suggest to start there. You can pick them up, touch all the diapers, and ask an attendent about the various brands.
  • I love to support WAHM’s (work at home moms) whenever possible. Of course, you want to be mindful of who you are choosing. Make sure they are willing to take returns, and ideally they will already have numerous positive feedback at Etsy or another online store.
  • Of course you can find the brand you like and order directly from them, or another online retailer. One of my favorite online diaper stores is Cotton Babies. Of course they can’t literally carry everything, but it almost feels like they do!
  • The first place I look for diapers, and the best deals you will typically find is at the forum Diaper Swappers. Some WAHM’s sell at DS, you will find brand new diapers at great prices, and a large variety of used diapers. The used diaper concept can be hard to swallow at first, but if you ever take hand me downs, or get used baby clothes at garage sales or thrift stores, you have likely bought something that at one time or another had pee, poop, or puke on it.
    • When buying used, you want to be very certain you know about the elastic in a cover or fitted diaper, velcro or snap condition, if there is piling (this shows how worn the fabric is), and overall appearance. The mamas at DS are great at offering this information from the beginning, and is probably the most trusted place to buy used baby gear from carriers, clothes, to diapers!
    • Some local natural baby stores will also sell used diapers, and at least at the shop near me, they have them professionally cleaned before they are put on the shelf.
  • I’m putting Ebay and Craigslist last because I think they are the hardest to guarantee good quality. With Craigslist you can look at the item before you buy, but it is getting tougher to find people who are responding to their ads, showing up on time, etc. Ebay is a blind sell, and you have the option to demand a refund, but that’s a hassle that hopefully you can avoid!

Shopping for cloth diapers can quickly become an addiction because they are just so darn cute, and useful! Make sure to keep in mind what you need, and try to stay reasonable. We’ll be talking about how many you need and what accessories you’ll need/want to buy next week!

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