Mama Taking Her Time

Most of this blog is used for things we do as moms and wives, and I try to keep this little sliver of time for us mamas (or stay at home dads!).

I think women in particular give themselves to the point of self sacrifice, and we put ourselves last. Just like I keep one post a week about focusing on ourselves, we should have some time we can just relax and do what interests us!

Jared Flood’s Girasole pattern, completed by moi!

My sliver of time that I look forward to each week is taking Care Bear to fencing practice. Between all the parent-folk in her life, everyone only needs to bring her one day a week for her 1.5 hour practice. During that time I usually bring a knitting project, sometimes a book. I find it relaxing to just sit and have no other responsibility than to be there when she is done with fencing. This small slice of time for me each week is rejuvenating  and I try to deny any requests there are for filling that time with volunteer work conference calls, checking emails, etc.

We can find stolen moments throughout the week also, typically after kids go to bed. Nap time used to be a time of relaxation for me when Care Bear was little, but now that we are homeschooling, Little Miss’s nap time are prime time to complete things that need undivided attention.

I’ve found it is best when we have time that we can count on, instead of counting on finding time throughout the week. This can come in the form of an older child, husband, relative, etc. watching the kids so you can sit at a coffee shop, or just go to a quiet room. Whatever it is, we need some time by ourselves on a regular basis, inshaAllah. You’d be surprised how relaxing even 30 minutes is when you have a hobby you enjoy.

What are your hobbies? How do you find time to relax and rejuvenate?

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2 Responses to Mama Taking Her Time

  1. nic98omo says:

    That is a beautiful design (crochet in the picture). When I have a few minutes, I like to read and garden. I started to knit a few years ago but haven’t progressed past hats and scarves.

    • middlewaymom says:

      Thanks! The picture is actually a knitted project. Knitting and quilting are my craft of choice, though I think gardening would be fun if I didn’t fail so miserably at it the first time! 🙂

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