Field Trip Friday: Outdoor Art Edition!

While the weather is still nice enough to enjoy the outdoors in most areas of the US, let’s focus on outdoor things to do! We will be going to an apple orchard this coming Tuesday, so next week will be pictures and reflections about that.


Many major cities in the US have outdoor sculpture gardens. Each season brings a special glow to the art, including autumn when the changing leaves as the backdrop, though spring is my favorite season in these types of settings.

Truthfully, I don’t get a lot of art. I like sculptures because I like to imagine what strength and engineering had to happen to put it all together, but as for what it means and represents… well, I just have no idea. Still, I try not to let my lack of artistic taste keep my kids from experiencing something they might connect with. An outdoor sculpture garden is also a safe place for little ones to run around and not worry about breaking things or putting fingerprints on old and rare items.


What art sculpture gardens or other outdoor art are in your area? We have smaller ones sprinkled throughout the cities, and the major one next to the art center. Do your kids enjoy it? Do you get the art?? Maybe you can explain it to me!

Remember, next week is the apple orchard! I’m way excited for the pick your own apples; it is always fun for the whole family!

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