Field Trip Friday: Tornado Alley Edition!

This movie looks so cool, we may have to all go as a family! I am fascinated with weather and the power it has, so Tornado Alley is right up my…. uh, alley. Plus, it is in IMAX, um, yes please! The movie takes you from the birth of a tornado to tracking a full blown tornado. Some of the things kids will learn from the movie are:

  • To understand where Tornado Alley is located.
  • To understand the tools that scientists use to study tornadoes.
  • To understand how scientists work together to gather data, make observations, and draw conclusions about severe weather events.

Pretty cool, huh? If you have a budding scientist who loves all the gadgets and gizmos, I think this movie would be perfect for them! 

In the US it is playing in many science museums, adding to the content your kids can get from it in total. At our local science museum we have an entire exhibit area dedicated to weather. In this area they can experiment with a one-story tall tornado model, warm and cold fronts colliding, use computers to model various weather patterns, and more. When Care Bear was younger, I had a membership at the Science Museum and we would explore around the museum, excitedly going from one super cool hands-on exhibit to the next!

Check out where Tornado Alley is playing, and explore with your kids! What are your favorite exhibits at your local Science Museum?

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