Beyond the Simple Steps…

So we covered some very basic things almost anyone can do to have a smaller eco-footprint.

If you aspire to be like this, this post is for you.

Now, what about those crunchy folks that want to up their cool factor in the hippy circles?.. or just have a happy feeling when they sleep at night knowing they are actively doing something to help slow the negative changes to the Earth.

Ready? Don’t be afraid! So here it goes…

  • Cloth diapers for kids
  • Compost your yard and kitchen scraps
  • More cloth replacements
    • Family cloth (aka TP replacement)
    • Mama cloth (aka feminine pad replacement)
      • There is also a diva cup which is not cloth, but is not disposable
  • Make your own cleaners
    • Laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, surface cleaner, etc.
  • Homesteading: trying to live off your own land

I don’t do all the things on this list, but we’ll talk about a few of these options in the future, starting with cloth diapers! I love cloth diapers, and yes, it is a little more work, but when it is your routine it isn’t bothersome. I’ll be starting with all the different types of cloth diapers next week!

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