Simple Starter Steps to a Smaller Footprint

In our family, we try to be mindful of how much garbage we create. We are not even close to zero impact, but at around one garbage bag a week for a family of 4, we are doing okay so far. InshaAllah (God willing), we can keep making strides forward.

Here are some things we do to reduce waste:

  • Email grocery list to myself
  • Use a whiteboard in homeschool instead of scratch paper
  • Cloth napkins
  • Buy things in bulk (one bigger package instead of many smaller packages)
  • Use your own cloth shopping bags
  • Email myself to do lists, directions to someone’s house, etc.


And of course, some things to reduce emissions:

  • Use high efficiency bulbs
  • Open curtains instead of turning on lightsKeep the water heater as low as possible, while still getting it hot enough to clean things
    • We actually bought a faux frosted glass window cling to go over our main window in the front so you can’t see inside when we have the curtains open
  • The next step we want: get a power strip that will turn off the power outlet to certain electronics! Our receiver/CD player always has lights on, and is such a waste of energy!
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